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Machine Vision (Image Inspection) Software


SiriusVision’s core software that continues to evolve forever

FlexVision has more than 2,000 advanced Machine Vision (Image Inspection) functions, including a unique inspection algorithm that minimizes overdetection. This function can be freely combined and used in a wide range of image inspection applications, not only standard fixed printing pattern inspection, but also partially variable inspection, fully variable inspection that changes all patterns, numbers, and letters, and further, molded product and electronic board appearance inspection.

Wizard-type simple setting operation tools are available for various purposes such as plate inspection, card inspection, and bottle and container inspection, making inspection settings easy.

Tree structure: Flexible settings are possible
NEO: Operation panel with simple settings
Verify: Inspection result display software


In addition to pursuing operability, it is equipped with functions that look ahead to the future of quality inspection.

AsmilVision is suitable for labels, nameplates, blanks, business forms and general commercial print inspection. It inherits the advanced Machine Vision (Image Inspection) function of FlexVision, and the software can be operated intuitively with the concept of “easy to use by anyone”.

It has advanced features, such as PDF plate inspection inspection function, color and register monitoring function, “full auto” setting that automatically recognizes inspection pieces, sets the inspection area and inspection level, performs expansion and contraction correction, automatic division, and inspection execution with one click.